Who We Are

Experts since 1986

The company was born in 1986.

The owner, Ferrari Armando, was employed at the age of 14 in a plastic molding company.

Over the years he has cultivated interest, experience and passion, and when the company for which he worked ceased to take over the company, thus creating the S.M.P Srl.

Ferrari Armando has gained in his 40 years of experience, ability to study the product from the project to its rapid, professional production.

S.M.P Srl is a family-run company, where Armando works in collaboration with his daughter, the help of his wife and trusted employees.

The Structure of the Company

Production department in which we keep 7 injection molding machines, ranging from 60 tons to 300 tons.

Mold storage department.

Department dedicated to quality control

Materials storage department.

We have a small department dedicated to the maintenance of the molds which allows us to be able to repair them quickly, so as not to delay production.

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